Dancing Fleas

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on a vacation in south carolina, my parents were going to stay in a hotel near the costal areas. so they find a room and unpack. my mom goes into the shower and my dad was still in the other part of the room. suddenly my dad screams "we're not staying here!!" my mom gets out of the shower and she sees my dad standing on the bed in his underwear slapping himself. mom saw fleas, literally, swarming on him. she started to see fleas crawling on her legs, and she ran out of the room (in her robes) screaming. the next day my aunt and uncle were at the same hotel, but they did not know about the fleas or that my parents were staying there. when they complained to the concierge at the front desk, the man said that he couldnt do anything about it and that if they wanted to talk to the manager of the hotel, they would have to stay for another few hours. but my aunt and uncle would absolutely not risk their luggage to the fleas, so they packed up and stormed out of the hotel. they call my parents a few minutes later and my aunt says to my dad "rocco, my god if you could see the fleas in that hotel you would have ran out screaming."


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