15 ways to annoy your teacher

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1. Ask your teacher something they can't answer. Like So how would i go about disableing a bomb?

2. Ask your teacher out and if they say yes, accuse them of sexual harrasment if they say no then say its ok your not really my type anyway.

3. Print out posters on your home computer that says "If you are looking for a good time call (then your teachers phone number) and stick it under all the teachers doors when no one is looking.

4. Run in the hall way when cought and told no, go on talking about how running is a much better exersise than rope climbing, and how a praticular rule is going to cause the end of the world. (Bonus if you can involve puppies, cake, or rassberry jam in the connection)

5. Ask the teacher why they are so mean and if they respond they are not start listing fake reasons like The time you bombed heroshima or the time they killed a puppy

6. Send an anonimus e-mail to your teacher asking why all us teachers hate (insert a teachers name).

7. When asked to write a story write about the time you and the mafia teamed up and created "the great massacure of 2121"

8. In scocal studies class ask the teacher what their imput is on the antartic revelution.

9. If asked when the dinosaurs are extinct say (because (name of class mate ) touches their selves at night

10. Ask the teacher how old are they if they respond none of your buisness respond thats because you were born before they invented numbers!

11. When called on give the wrong answer and then repetidly bang your head on the desk and yell why am i so god damn stupid

12. pass notes with crossed out swear words when the teacher is looking so when they take it and read it they will see them but they have no clear proof that it says swear words.

13. Ask the teacher if they would punish someone for something they didn't do then when they respond no say good because i didnt do my homework

14. When sitting across from the teacher play footsies with them

15. ask the teacher if you could borrow a pen or pencil and if they give you one chew on it when they are looking


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