Jimmy Learns the Alphabet

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Little Jimmy's teacher told him to come to school the next day and recite the alphabet. When he got home, he asked his mom, who was cooking supper and did not want to be disturbed, "Mommy, what's the first letter of the alphabet?" His mom replies back angrily, "Shut up!" Jimmy then goes into the living room to ask his dad who was watching Superman. "Daddy, what's the second letter of the alphabet?" His dad yells out "Superman!" Then Jimmy asks his sister, who is in her room watching a makeup commercial. "Sissy, what's the third letter of the alphabet?" His sister, ignoring him, says "Uh-huh, uh-huh..." He then asks his brother, who is watching a dirt bike race on TV. "Bubba, what's the fourth letter of the alphabet?" His brother, watching the race, roots "42!" Jimmy then goes to his stupid grandma who is cooking hamburger buns on a grill. "Granny, what's the fifth letter of the alphabet?" Granny then replies, "Ah! My buns are on fire!" The next day, Jimmy goes to school and his teacher asks him to recite the alphabet. "Shut up!" said Jimmy. "What did you say? Who do you think you are?" asked his teacher. "Superman!" replies Jimmy. "Oh! Do you want to go to the office, young man?" yells the teacher. "Uh-huh, uh-huh..." "And how many licks do you want to take?" Jimmy yells out, "42!" After his licks, his friend asks him how he feels. Jimmy replies, "Ah! My buns are on fire!"


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CD5MF_Jimmy Learns the Alphabet

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