The Football Baby

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One lovely day there was a single mom and her young son. She was cooking dinner for herself when she realized she needed to clean her son's diaper.

Soon enough she had completely forgotten about dinner. And shortly a small blaze had comsummed the entire kitchen.

The entrance to the small apartment building was closed off by the fire so the mother ran to the window. She began screaming.

Within minutes the fire department arrived. They told her to toss down her baby, that it was only a few floors and they would catch him. The mother would do nothing of the sort.

The firemen called the mayor who came to convince the woman to toss down her baby. She would do nothing of the sort.

Hearing about the chaos, the football team who was practising not far away, came to see what was wrong.

The mayor got an idea and asked the best reciever in all of the town to ask the woman to toss down her baby.

So the reciever went to the place where the firemen were standing and yelled up to the woman. "Lady, I am the best reciever in all of the town, I promise I will catch you baby."

Having more trust in the boy, she finally tossed her baby to safety.

Apon catching the baby, The football player jumped into the air and threw the baby on the ground.



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CD4DV_The Football Baby

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