Stupid Anniversary Present

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One day a man named Joe asked his wife if he could go sky diving the following weekend. The wife, with a dissapointed look on her face, said "fine". The man, smiling, was thrilled to be going. He had packed his bags 4 days in advance. The wife couldn't stop thinking about his trip and why he would go by himself and not invite her and the rest of the family.

She became suspicious and when it came time for him to leave she followed him in his car. She felt bad about spying but felt she needed to know what he was up to. By the time she got there she saw her husband in line to get on the plane. She ran up to him and asked "what were you thinking?" "Leaving me alone at home with our kids while you come out here and have the time of your life sky diving and don't even bother to invite ME?" The husband replied with a disapointed look. "Sweetheart, obviously you don't understand what I am REALLY doing." The wife, puzzled, replied "Obviously not."

They stared at each other for about 5 minutes, or it seemed like that long. The wife was getting impatient. "See," the husband said "I had a special surprise. I was going to get on the plane and jump off right by our house and surprise you. Didn't you know it was our anniversary?" The wife, surprised said "Yea! Well, maybe not, no." "So you did all this just to surprise me?" "Yep!" The man replied with a smile on his face. All the woman had left to say was "Couldn't you think of something better than THAT?!"


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CD3PG_Stupid Anniversary Present

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