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Ok so If you don't know what pulling someones leg is then stop reading this. Ok anyways. My mom was at a restraunt and she was alone eating dinner. There was this woman who kept on looking back at her and my mom was wondering why. finally the woman walked over to my mom and said "Im Sorry I keep on staiting at you its just you remind me so much of my daughter who died 2 weeks ago. Can you do my a favor and hug me and call me mom?" So My mom hugged her and called her mom. Then the woman went out of the resturant. my mom went to pay and he told her the total was 56 dollars and 67 cents. My mom's jaw jropped and she looked at the man. "Im here single." The man shrugged. "You mom told me you would pay for her dinner." My mom looked supprised. "No sir you don't understand she isn't my mother." The man pointed at her. "HURRY CATCH HER!!! SHES GETTING IN THAT CAB!!!" So My mom ran and started pulling on her leg just like im pulling on yours! LOL XD Hope You Liked it!!


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