The hard of hearing genie

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So one night this guy walks into a bar. With him he carries a 10 inch man and a tiny piano. This man, we'll call him Jeff, sits down at a table and his little man starts playing this little piano. He plays wonderfully and every other person in the bar is awe struck.

One man takes the liberty to go ask him where he found this tiny pianist. Jeff says to him, "Well I was walking down the sidewalk and I triped on the magic lamp. It was a little dirty so I rubbed it clean and a genie appeared and gave me 1 wish."

This guy tells him that that is an amazing discovery and asks if he could try out this lamp. Jeff hands the man the lamp.

The lamp is quite dirty but the man shrugs and gives it a rub. Out pops a magic genie. The genie say that this man gets one wish and only one wish.

With joy, the man exclaims, "I want a million bucks."

And down from the sky falls a million ducks. The guy looks at Jeff with the little pianist and says, "that wasn't what I wished for."

Jeff just looks at him and after a long pause and says,

"You really think I wished for a 10 inch pianist?"


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CD2AQ_The hard of hearing genie

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