An Apple, A Banana, And A Bomb

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Once there was 3 people on an airplane, one with a banana, one with an apple, and one with a bomb. They didn't think they needed the apple or banana, nor the bomb, so they dropped them all and parachuted down (They were going skydiving).

When the reached the ground, they heard crying. They found that a little girl was crying and they asked her what was wrong. She answered, "I was playing hop-scotch with my friends, and an apple fell on my head!" then they heard more crying, but from another location. they found another girl and asked her the same thing. sure enough, there came the answer, "I was playing jump-rope with my friends, and an apple fell on my head!" Now they heard laughing, so they found a woman was the one laughing. they asked her what was wrong, and she said, "I farted and my house blew up!"


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CD10Y_An Apple, A Banana, And A Bomb

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