2 priests and an alter boy.

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Once there were two priests and an alter boy. One day they all decided to go out to the ocean. They rented a boat and paddled out into the deep end to talk.

After about 30 minutes one of the priests gets up and says, "I'm thirsty". He steps out of the boat and onto the water, he walks to the beach and returns with a soda.

Another 30 minutes pass and the second priest gets up and says, "I'm thirsty too" so he gets out and walks on the water toward the beach. He, too, returns with a soda.

The alter boy was astonished at what they could do, and felt himself confident. He stood up and said, "gee, I'm thirsty too". He steps out of the boat, then sinks and drowns.

The priests dont look alarmed at all. One says to the other, "Umm, do you think we should have told him where the rocks were?"


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CCZSV_2 priests and an alter boy.

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