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A little indian boy went up to his mother and asked "Why is my sister named spring blossom?" His mother replied "She was born in the Spring." Then he asked "Why is my brother called autumn moon?" She replied "He was born on the night of the first full moon of Autumn!" The boy frowned and his mother asked "What's the matter, broken condom?"


A woman got pregnant with twins and her husband heard about a doctor who tells you what your baby's jobs will be so he told her to go there and said "They better be a doctor and a lawyer!"

After testing her the doctor told her "One will be a lawyer... and the other will be a singer." She was nervous when she heard this, so she tried not to mention it to her husband.

When she got home, he didn't forget and said "So what are they going to be?" and she hesitantly replied "One is a lawyer... a-and the other is a... s-singer." and her husband got mad that his children wouldn't do the jobs he wanted so he punched her in the stomach.

Just then, a sweaky, little voice began to sing in her stomach "You got my brotha', but ya didn't get me! Yeaaooh!"


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