Old Man

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This acaully hapend to my freind and she tells it way better then me, but i will tell it.

Her brother just came home from school and sat down to watch tv, he got comfertable and everything, then out of the washroom came out an old man( whom he didn't know) with him he had some grapes. He asked my freinds brother, "You want some grapes?" and he said, "surrreee" being really uncomfertable not knowing whats going on, he puts the grapes on the table beside him. Then my friend and my other friend come home and ( this was while he was in the washroom) they thought her brother was the one in the washroom so they went to her room. after they came into the living room and saw an old man. she asked, " who the heck is he?!?!" and her brother said," i dont know but he gave me grapes! i don know what to do!"

later the old man fell asleep on the couch and the mother came home and phoned the police, (the woman on the phone laughed when she heard this,) and as it turns out the old man has been missing for 2 days and he lived an hour away (by car) and he had some type of amesia where he forgot everything he knew and htought he had a different life!

I don't know about you but i thought that was pretty funny!


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