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Two men were stranded in a desert when they saw a house. So they went up and knocked on the door and a fat lady opened the door. The 2 men asked for food and the lady said, "Only if you shag me." So one of the men went up to her bed room and found 3 corn dogs on the floor. So, he said to the fat lady, you have 2 close your eyes. So, she closed her eyes and he shagged her with a corn dog and chucked it out the window. Then the lady said, "Do it again and you can have more. So he picked up another corn dog and shagged her with it, and chucked it out the window. The the fat lady said. "one more time, and you can have as much as you want. So he picked up the last corn dog and shagged her with it and chucked it out the window, and then he shouted out to his mate, "Now we can have as much as we want" and his mate said "I dont care, just throw me down sum more of these corn dogs"!!!!!


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by jess f. 1+ years ago

Would be funny if you learned how to spell.

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