Joe's mistake

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Joe and his girlfriend of about 6 months were deeply in love, as they sat in their comfortable seats in one of the best resturaunts in america, Joe thought that life could never be more perfect. As they walked out a couple of kids called her ugly and old looking and things like that, this made her very upset. Joe wanted to prove that she wasn't so, the next night he took her home and made her the best dinner she had ever had. As they sat there and drank their champaign he said "Don't worry about those people yesterday, to me you don't look a day over 14"

She hardly even heard what he said because she was comforted by his smooth, loving tone, she then leaned over to Joe and said "I have a secret to tell you"

Joe agreed but only if she wanted to.

She sat on his lap an whispered in his ear "Im not"


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CCSQM_Joe's mistake

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