The Morals

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Once there was a train engine called jimmy. Jimmy's engineeer was very lazy. One day, Jimmmy went out into the world to find adventuture and money. But Jimmy's engineer didn't give him any gasoline to run on! Moral of the story:Lazy people are the cause of poor and boring people.

One day, Mordy was walking down the street. He saw lots of birds, and was fascinated by the way that they ate. So he just kept staring and staring...Then the birds pecked his eyes out. Moral: Don't Stare

One day, a man thought to himself 'Hey, I'm really hungry. I think ill have some Ice Cream. So he went to the Baskin Robbins and ordered everything they had. But he couldn't hold on to it all, and he ended up blowing $50. Moral: You can't have everything in life.

One day, Marco decided he wanted the new final fantasy, so he went out and bought it. His characters name was Philip, and his virtue was patience--it was preformed by waiting the enemy out until it starved to death. Moral: Patience is a virtue.


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