sadam and the thee buttons

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Sadam sends a tape to the U.S. telling George Bush to come meet him in his palace. So George shows up and he stands in front of Sadam. Sadam then pointted at the three buttons on his chair. George then asked what they did. So sadam said that he'd show him. Sadam pressed the first button and a glove on a spring came out and hit george in the face. Then Sadam hit the second button and glove came out and hit him in the stomach. Then Sadam hit the third button and another glove came out and hit george in the nuts. George fell over crying in agony and Sadam sat there and laughed for hours. One month later george Bush invited sadam to come visit him. Sadam came to the country thinking george couldn't do any worse. So Sadam stood in front of george sitting in his chair. Then Geaorge pointed aat the three buttons on his chair. George hit the first button and nothing happened but George started laughing. Sadam became very confused. Then George hit the second button and still nothing happened but he began to laugh harder and Sadam became even more confused. Then George pressed the last button and he fell off his chair laughing. Then Sadam feeling insulted got angery and said fuck you im going back to my country. And George gets up and says "What County!"


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by Lee W. 1+ years ago

Learn how to spell "Saddam"

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