Dumb Blondes

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There were three blondes who were walking through the forest when they came to a really wide river that was filled with crocodiles. They didn't know what to do until a genie appeared and granted them each one wish.

"I wish I had a boat so I could row across the river!" Said the first blonde and a boat appeared. She hopped in and started rowing. She got half way but then a crocodile stole her oars and she started to float downstream.

"I wish I had really long legs, so I could walk across the river!" Said the second blonde, and she grew really long legs. She walked into the water and got half way, but then her leg snapped off and she drowned.

The third blonde thought for a second.

"I know!" She said, "I wish I was a brunette so I could figure out how to get over the river!" And she turned into a brunette and walked over the bridge.


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