I drunk am not...

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One day my wife told me to get rid of all of the 10 whiskey bottles I had saved since like the 1980's. After thinking a while I decided to do it.

I opened 1 bottle poured a glass and threw the rest down the sink.

Then i grabbed a second bottle and poured me a glass before throwing it down the sink.

I grabbed another bottle poured the whiskey down the drain and then poured me another cup.

I grabbed another bottle and poured me a cup of drain before pouring it down the glass.

I grabbshd another drain and poured me a cup of glass before dumping it down the bottle.

I oppened anothers bottle and poured me a cup of drain before dumping the whiskey down the glass.

I pouresh me another cup of bottle and dranksh the drain.

I grabbed a bottle and pouredsh the bottle down the drain with the cup wichsh I dranksh.

I opened the cupsh and pouresh the cupsh downsh the whiskey and the dranksh the bottle.

Then i opened the drainsh and with the glassh and bottled the whiskysh beforesh Ish pouresh it.

And nowsh my wife says ims drunksh. I'm notunder the affluence of incohol as some tinkle peep I am. I am not half as thunk and yoush mytesh thinksh. Thish only thingsh i know ish that the drunkersh i stand here, the longersh i wait. I AM NOTSH DRUNKSH YOU SHILLY SIT.


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