Never Let Your Child Out Of Your Site On Their Birthday!!

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Lil Cindy's Birthday was today and her mom was back on suppilies for her surprise birthday party.So she left Cindy home while she went to Party City.

Once Cindy's Mom left she went outside to find something to do.She saw a butterfly sitting on a flower and tried to catch it.

The butterfly saw her coming and flew off.She chased the butterly all the way into the next yard.

When she climbed over the fence to the neighbors garden someone frightened her.

"hey you little girl what are you doing in my back yard!!"

"oh sorry i was following this butterfly."

"well you have to go now good bye"

"where are you going sir?"asked cindy

"in to my house"he replied

"can i come with you?"


"but its my birthday"



"fine but just dont touch nothing"

"ok"cindy sayed please

"well i am going to take a bath now so just sit there"

"can i take a bath with you?"


"please its my birthday"

"so what no"



while the two were in the shower cindy looked down.

"whats that"

"nothing its uh dog"

"oh can i play with my hotdog?"


"please its my birthday"

"fine whatever"

when the two finshed their shower the guy said he was going to sleep.cindy soon got bored and asked if she can play with mr.hotdog.

"no"he said very blunt

"please its my birthday"

"fine i am to tired to care"

the guy soon fell asleep.and awoke by sirens.slowly opening his eyes he realized he was in a ambulance.

"whats going on?"

"well dog squirted at me so i bit it off."cindy said


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CCOVN_Never Let Your Child Out Of Your Site On Their Birthday!!

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