The Moron

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Once there was a man who wrote a book about a duck. He went to a publishing company to see if they would publish his book. When he got there, one man said," We are very busy; we will look at your book in three weeks." That night, the man noticed that he had grammar and spelling errors. Since he has work to get to every day, it took him three busy and tiring days to correct it. Then, the next day, his cousin called. A very important family reunion has come up, and he had to go. A week later, he was back. He had to get to work, rent a suit for the meeting, press the suit, work out a speech, find a sad duck costume, and still look full of energy and clean for tomorrow's meeting. When he showed up, he looked sloppy, tired, and weary. But he was peppy enough to go on with the speech. He said to the company," My costume will explain what my book is about. Do you have an idea?" The chief studied the man, and said," I'm sorry sir, but we already have a book about a moron who wasted all his time and effort and not accomplishing what he wanted."


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