Men vs. Women

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Clothes shopping Men-Thirty minutes, twice a year Women-Two hours, twice a month

Talking Men-“you good?” “yeah” Women-“…So then I’m like oh my god, no way, and she’s like yeah totally Jenny just like kissed him right on the mouth and george is just standing there…”

“I’m bored” Men-“lets have a threesome!” Women-“lets talk”

“These clothes are too tight” Men-“crap, they shrank in the wash” Women-“oh my god, I’m getting fat!!”

Too impress me… Women-Comfort me, hold me, protect me, buy things for me, talk with me help me, love me Men-Show up naked, with beer

Chocolate Men-Another snack Women-“OH MY GOD CHOCOLATE! I love chocolate!!”

internet Men-Porn and games Women-Another way to talk to all her friends at once and shop.

crying Men-No crying. Ever. If someone is feeding you though a wood chipper feet first, you cannot shed a tear Women-If someone calls you feel sad, mad, vurnerable, emotional, jelous, or happy, the water works turn on.

When the check comes Men-Three men all throw in 20 bucks, even though the check is for $48.62 Women-Out come the pocket calculators

Favorite movie Men-Death Cop III: Armageddon Diary of a Girlfriend’s Wedding

dating Men-The process of finding a woman who is willing to have sex with you Women-The process of finding a man you are willing to spend the rest of your life with

Ad with scantily clad female Men-“Hoo, baby!!” Woman-“Can you say airbrushed?”


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