take the challenge, how smart are you?

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do not scroll down for the answer until you figured it out or had given up! DO NOT CHEAT!

here goes: there's three bulbs on top of a ten-storey building, three switches are found at the bottom of the building. how do you find out witch switch is for which bulb? you are only allowed to climb up and down the stairs ONCE to take a look at the bulbs... how??? BRAINSTORM!!!(the bulbs are in working conditions)

answer: turn on one bulb for 15 minutes, turn on the other then rush up to the buliding, touch the bulbs, the hotter one is the one that was on for the past 15 mins.the lighted but cooloer one is the one that you just on. the not lighted one is the one that you didn't on.

did you get it right?

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CCLRG_take the challenge, how smart are you?

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