Sperm Count

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An 85 year old goes into a doctors office and tell the doctor he wants a sperm count. The doctor gives him a jar and tells him to place the sperm in the jar at home and to comeback tomorow. The old man leaves and comes back the next day with the jar. The doctor looks at the jar and asks why was it empty. The old man explains...

"When I got home i tried with my left hand but nothin. Then i tried with my right hand but still nothing. So I asked my wife to help. She tried with both hands but nothing happened. THen she tried with her mouth but still nothing. I went to the next door neighboor for help. She tried with her hands and even with her knees but nothing. She suggested that I should put it in hot water for 5 seconds but nothing happened. "

The doctor was shocked. " you asked your neighbor for help?!"

"Yup" replied the man. "But no matter what we did we couldnt get the jar opened!"


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