Combacks To Diss your mom

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Diss: What the hell you been smoken buddy?

Comback: Yo' Mama's Tit!

Diss: OK, me and you meet at 8:00pm. We will settle this then.

Comback: Sorry, I'll be busy with your mom then, how about 12... whoops, I'll be busy with your mom still...

Diss: What the hell are you doing?

Comback: What the hell does it look like, your mom again.

Diss: Fuck you!

Comback: You want to fuck me now? Come on man, I can't fuck with you, your mom alone is way too long.

Diss: Yo, stop doin' your mom everynight man.

Comback: I'm sorry, but it's your mom that I'm doing every night. It's ok, we all get make mistakes sometimes.

Diss: You're and ass hole!

Comeback: I can't be an asshole! 3/4 of my body goes into your mom's asshole. Yes, it's much bigger than yours


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CCK7E_Combacks To Diss your mom

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