Top 10 DUMBEST things I have done!

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1) This is problebly one of the WORST things I have done. There was a thing that said porn on it, I clicked it, and it turned out it was gay porn! (I'm a boy)

2) In church, during the time you give handshakes to people, I gave two to a person.

3) I got jumped and beat up by a sped :(

4) I was IM-ing with two people, my friend, and this hot girl, and I meant to write this to my friend, but i wrote this to the hot girl; I know she's gonna ask me out someday.

5) I'm Polish and someone called me a Pollack and I thought that was a good thing...

6) When I was a little kid, I farted during silent reading time and then I started to cry which made everyone know it was me that farted :(.

7) My friend slept over and i was a little sick so my mom made me sleep with her for the night, while my friend was over!!!

8) I banned my cousin in 4 online games, and he didn't even do anything bad to me.

9) I broke two of my ipods

10) I told the whole world all of these embaressing moments.


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by Brittany P. 1+ years ago

sorry but this is kinda stupid

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CCJ1X_Top 10 DUMBEST things I have done!

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