Jesus Christ and Vegitarian Jokes

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-The Day After Mary Got Pregnant She Walks Up To Joesph and says:

Mary: Honey, you know how we haven't made love at all since we've met.

Joesph: I know but i'm willing to do something excting soon.

Mary: Well, last night an angel came from the heavens above and said to me,"You going to have the son of god" -Then I got pregnant with a boy. I felt real awkward and what do u have to say about this boy...

Joesph: Jesus Christ!!!!

Mary: Oh so you already heard about him.


-One Day this son decides he wants to be a vegitarian. So that night at supper...

Mom: Here we are Lettuce and Steak. Who's hungry?

Little Sister: I am mommy!!!

Son: Mom, Dad today i have decided to become a vegitarian.

Dad: No Son Of Mine is gay....Eat you steak you damn pussy!!!

*Everyone Gasps*


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CCIPB_Jesus Christ and Vegitarian Jokes

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