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1. How many women does it take to set the vcr? A. NOBODY KNOWS it has never happened before

2. What did God say after making Adam? A. AW PERFECION

3. What did God say after making Eve? A. Can't make perfection two times in a row.

4. Why don't women have a penis? A. They wouldn't know what to do with it

5. Why is it during sex the sperm travels to the egg? A. If the egg traveled to the sperm it would get lost on the way.

6. What is the only 2 reasons women function in succiety? A. Boobs, and Ass

7. Why is it women all get pregnat? A. They sit around doing nothing all the time why not give them a reason.

Now to everyone who gets offened THEY ARE JOKES. They are joke here on men and you don't here us whining.


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by Samantha A. 1+ years ago

you must be freakin stupid if you know its gonna be offensive why put it up

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