Bishop and Steaks

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A young bishop is visiting Texas for a conference. While there, a fellow clergyman recommends a diner to stop at on the way back

He takes the advice, and decides to grab himself a steak on the journey. He goes in, sits down, and waits for his order to be taken.

Finally, a waitress comes over. He says “Hi, one steak please, rare”. She says “Ok” then yells over her shoulder towards the kitchen “ONE BLOODY STEAK!”.

The bishop says “I’m sorry ma’am, but I am a Bishop and cursing like that offends me. She replies “Oh no, I wasn’t swearing. I was telling the chef how to do the steak – bloody” The bishop decides it’s ok

A few months later, our friend the Bishop is back in Texas, but this time with a group of priests, acting as their guide. Since the steak he had last time was so good, he says “Ok guys, I’m taking you all out to eat. This place does the best steaks ever”

So they go in, sit, and when the waitress comes over, the Bishop says “7 Bloody steaks please”

A young priest hears this, and pipes up “Yeah, and plenty of fucking chips!”


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