Hung like a N****r

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There was this one guy walking down the road and he found a genie lamp. He rubbed it and the genie came out and said you have 3 wishes. The guy said "this is bullcrap". The genie said "Screw you bitch, try me." The guy wished that he was the richest man in the world. The genie said "In 1 hour, your wish will be granted." Then the guy wished that he had all the women in the world to pleasure him. The genie said "in a hour your wish will come true." The guy went home and waited. after 2 hours he got his wishes. he went back to the genie and said, for my final wish, i want to be hung like a nigger. the genie said" Whatever you want." An hour later, the guys door knocked. he went to the door and found the KKK there with a rope. The Genie was joking with his genie pals and said" i can understand the money and women, but why would he want to hang himself?"


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CCH2W_Hung like a N****r

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