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If you didn’t smile once today, it surely means you had a bad day.

If you're doing something and turn around to see everybody looking at you, you're probably doing something wrong.

They say that life is all about eating, sleeping, communicating, and some say drinking, but one should not forget that we also need to shit.

Look to the future, it's all empty, look to the past and it's all empty, and you're probably wondering what the hell is going on, my advice to you is wakeup... cause you don’t want to be where you're at right now.

Shit happens. Birds shit on people all the time and no one can do shit about it, so shit definitely happens.

If you're in a jungle, and you see a lion sitting there looking at you, walk slow and leave because theres a 90 percent chance that it will not follow you. But if you see a tiger, don’t run because you're gonna get to tell this story in heaven.


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