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A father picks his son from the school. He tells his son that they are going to the big city for shopping and that big city has big stuff. In the way to home, the car breaks down, the son asks, “what now daddy?” his father being positive minded says,” don’t worry son, the car was old anyway, we will buy a bigger car for you at the big city.” His son gets satisfied. Now they walk on foot to get home. During the way the son tells his dad,” Daddy, I think my shoe is busted.” His father again replies positively, “don’t worry son those shoes were old anyway, I will get a bigger pair of shoes for you at the big city.” The boy becomes silent again. After a while the boy speaks again and says, “Daddy, I think I lost my bag.” His father again replies in a same positive tone, “Don’t worry son, that bag was old anyway, I’ll get a bigger bag for you at the big city.” The boy becomes happy. When they get near their house, the father falls into the sewer. The boy doesn’t care and enters his house. His mother sees him and asks,” where is your father dear? The boy tells her that he fell. His mother asks,” Why didn’t you help him out then?” they boy replies,” don’t worry mom, daddy was old anyway, you can get a bigger dad for me at the big city.”


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