Teeth from???

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A newly elected mayor gives an open invitation to the public for a party in which he provides different kinds of food. A large number of people arrive and start filling their stomachs. A well dressed young man among them looks at an old couple. The old husband and wife stand silently without eating. The well dressed man reaches them and asks,” why aren’t you two having anything?” the old man and woman open their mouths to reveal that they have no teeth at all. The young man says,” no problem” and takes out a jaw full of teeth from his pocket and asks the couple to try it but it doesn’t fit, so he takes another one out. After about 10 different jaws, one suits both of the old man and woman.They both use it. After eating they thank the young man and ask,” are you a dentist?” the man replies,” not really.” The couple then ask,” Then what is your job?” the man replies,” I am a security guard at the local morgue.”


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CCERZ_Teeth from???

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