The best day ever!

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So, three bums were walking down the street and as they were walking they started to reminisce of their best day ever.The first bum says" i had the best day ever I found a brown paper bag and there were 3 forty ounce bottles of booze in there.Then i got completely shit-faced"!

And the second bum says"NO, I had the best day ever.I was walkin over by pierson street and some nice guy picked me up and took me back to his place and and let me shave and shower.Then later he cooked me a great meal and gave me a bed for the night."

Then the third bum says "I deinetly had it better than both of you." "I was walkin by the train tracks and i picked up some chick and we went up in a tree and had sex for hours!"

Then the first bum said"Holy Shit, did U get any head?" And he replies "No she didn't have one."


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CCECK_The best day ever!

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