airplane dilema

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Once on a plane were 3 men a teacher, a priest, and a commander. The teacher got bored and decided to throw an apple out the window. so he did. the preist asked is that all you got and threw a bible out the window. the commander saw this and just had to compete. is that all you got asked the commander and droped a gernade out the airplane window.

well the airplane ride ended and the three men got off the plane they set off walking down the street and seen a little girl crying. what happened asked the teacher something fell out of the sky and hit me in the head i think it was an apple said the girl. the teacher looked embaressed and kept on walking then as they walked a little more they seen a young boy crying what happened asked the priest i got hit on the head with a book and i think it was a bible he said with a sniffle the priest look embarresed and they kept walkin.

then the three men seen a tall man laughing so the comannder asked whats so funny the guy replied with a big grin i bent over to tie my shoe and farted and my office building blew up


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by hana v. 1+ years ago


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