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1. Two Blonde Hunters were in a forest when the first sudDenly collapsed and died. Then the second blonde called for help. The operator said, "Make sure she is dead." There was a slight pause, then a gunshot was heard and the blonde said, "Now what?"

2. A brunette was jumping up and down on a railroad tracks and yelling, "21,21,21!" A blonde walked by and decided to join her. A train was heard and the brunette jumped off while the blonde was killed. The brunette got back on the tracks, jumped up and down, and yelled, "22,22,22!"

3. A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead were on a deserted island 50 miles off shore, so they decided to swim. The redhead went 10 miles, got tired and drowned. The brunette went 30 miles, got tired, and drowned. The blonde went 49 miles, got tired, turned around, and went back to the island.

4. A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead found a magical lamp and they each got one wish. The redhead said, "I've always been really smart, I just wish to be average." She then turned into a brunette. The brunette then said, "I've always been average, I wish I was very smart." She then turned into a redhead. The blonde came up and said, "I've always been dumb, I want to be really really dumb." She then turned into a man.

5. A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead were on a magical bridge. You jump off of it and say something, then you become what you said. The redhead jumped off and said "Eagle". She then turned into an eagle. The brunette jumped off and said "Tiger". She then turned into a tiger. The blonde tripped and said "OH SHIT" and she turned into a pile of shit.

6. Two blondes were going to Disney World and they saw a sign that read "DISNEY WORLD LEFT". So they turned around and went home.


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by DarkFenX 1+ years ago

People continue to butcher the 3rd joke. The correct joke is that both the redhead and brunette traveled a distance less than half and chose to go back. The blond goes past halfway and goes back.

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