embaressing moments! part one

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1. While my kids were still really young, we used to go up to the

cabin all the time. In the same town the cabin was in,

there was a gift shop. One of the times we went there, i

had picked up a small stuffed animal. I had walk over to a

kid and said, "Hey Nora, isn't this cute?" then i looked

down at the kids face, it wasnt mine. The little kid

looked up at me and sreamed. When the mother of this child

had hear their kid scream, she ran over and immediatly

assumed that i had done somthing horrible like hit him or

offered him candy and thought i was a kidnapper.

I never went back to that gift shop again.

2. Have you ever gone into a store that you really like

wearing a shirt that you got from there? I have. So I

went into a store wearing a shirt that I had bought there.

I had been shopping earlier that day and still had bags

with me. So i had gone into the fitting room and tried on

some clothes. then i noticed the shirt i was wearing had a

stain on it. So i put it in my purse and took out a shirt

I had bought earlier at a different store. When I came out

and was ready to leave. I had a part of my stained shirt

sticking out of my purse that I hadn't noticed. The

security gaurd asked me what it was and pulled it out. He

saw the exact same shirt in the store just an isle away. He

told me he had to search me. So he patted me down. He

patted me down a little too good. While I was standing

there, he patted my boobs at least 10 times and squeezed my

ass at least 10 times too. He shook my hand and put a peice

of paper in my hand. It was his phone number. I looked at

him then he winked. Then, using my womanly powers I punched

him in the gut. I never had trouble from that security

gaurd again.

3. After I had recently divorced my husband, I took my two

kids to a movie. And as you know, everyone wants food when

they go to the movies. So, we waited in line and when it

was my turn, I asked for what my kids wanted and when we

were just about to head to the movie, my youngest daughter

had been asking for me to give her her straw. I said "no I

won't do it right now honey, but I will in a couple of

secs!" I had raised my voice and everyone started laughing.

I didn't realize what i had said until the clerk

said "wow, your'e one really creepy lady."

I grabbed my two kids and almost ran to the theater.

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CCA5S_embaressing moments! part one

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