man goes to hell

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a guy dies and goes to hell the devil tells him he has a choice of 3 rooms to pick from to spend eternity in so he says "ok what are they" he shows him the first room and there is a billion people standing on their heads on a tile floor for eternity. he says "i dont know whats the next one" so he goes to the next door theres people standin on their heads on a concrete floor for eternity. he says "whats the 3rd room" he looks in the last room and there is people standing knee deep in dog shit drinkin coffee. he says " well at least theres coffee, its not too bad" so he chooses the 3rd room hes in there standing up drinkin his coffee and then somebody opens the door and says "allright everybody cofee breaks over back on your heads."


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CC9TP_man goes to hell

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