Amusement Park

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For her birthday, Robert took his wife, Rebecca, to an amusement park. This was a special occasion because Rebecca loved the fast thrill rides while Robert was normally unwilling to ride them. Robert thought that for one day, he would be able to stick it out for his wife. When the couple entered the park, Rebecca immediately spotted a huge, winding, roller-coaster. Rebecca asked Robert, "Do you want to go on this one? It doesn't look too bad." After his initial protest, Robert decided that this was his wife's birthday and Robert shouldn't ruin it for her. After the roller-coaster, Robert was slightly woozy, yet he felt much better than he expected. After a brief lunch, Rebecca spotted a ride. Althought Robert did not know what this ride did, he did not like the looks of the tower that looked to be atleast 150 feet tall. "Rebecca, I don't think I'm feeling up for this ride... Why don't you do this one, I'll watch from here, and I'll go on the next one with you." "No... That's okay, Robert... I was only going to go on it if you came with me, so I guess I just won't go..." Rebecca's disappointment made Robert feel so bad that he relented and went on the huge, 150 foot drop screaming more than the eight-year-old kid that was right next to him. Despite Robert's queezy stomach, Robert was proud that he had actually gone on the ride. His confidence was at an all time high when they were about to leave when Rebecca asked him if he want to try the bunjy-jumping. "Robert, let's go bunjy-jumping! It's very safe, probably more safe than the other rides." "No, way Rebecca. I don't care how many times you tell me that bunjy-jumping is safe. A broken piece of rubber gave me my life, and it sure as hell can take it away."


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