Clocks in Heaven

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Poor John, he had just died and was on the elevator up to heaven. When he got to the top, john was greeted by saint paul, who welcomed him in. Saint Paul took John for a tour when John noticed that there was a lot of clocks in heaven. John asked Saint Paul, "Why are there so many clocks in heaven?" Saint Paul reaplied, "each clock belongs to a certain person, and every time they lie the minute hand moves." "ohh," said john, "whos clock is that?" "That is Abraham Lincolns, who has only lied a few times in his life, you can really call him honest Abe!" "Whose Clock is that?" john asked again. "That is Mother Theresa, it never has moved!" said the saint. "wow." Then John asked, "Where is Micheal Jackson's clock, he is always lying!" The Saint replied "yup, and we put it to good use, God is using it as a celing fan in his office!"


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by cedric s. 1+ years ago

It would be funny if you used a different person instead of Michael Jackson.

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