The Money Jar

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A new guy walks into a bar to get a drink where he notices a jar on the counter with lots of $5 notes in it. He asks the bartender what it's for, where the bartender replies, "If you put $5 in the jar, you can go outside to see if you can make the donkey laugh. If you do, you can take the jar of money."

The man thought this was quite good and decided to give him a chance of what must be about $50, so he payed $5 and goes out the back of the bar where he finds the donkey.

He then comes back 3 minutes later triumphantly, and walks out of the bar, (forgetting to buy a drink) with the money jar in his hand.

3 weeks later, he comes back to the same bar, where he finds another money jar, so he asks the bartender again what you have to do now to obtain the money in the jar. The bartender replies simply, "Make the donkey stop laughing."

So the man puts $5 in the jar then goes back outside to the donkey. He comes back 3 minutes later looking very satisfied and was about to leave the money jar in his hand when the bartender asked, "Well," (as he was very interested), "How did you do it?"

The man smiles smugly to himself and replies, "First time I told him my balls were bigger than his, second time I proved it to him!"


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