lil johnny needs to pee!

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lil johnny was at school one day when he badly needed to pee, so he asks his teacher if he can go, but instead of saying yes, she asks him if he knows the first 4 letters of the alfabet, if he does, he will be alowed to go to the bathroom. lil johnny not knowing them holds it in until he gets home.

Annoyed at what had happened, he figures he will have to learn the first 4 letters of the alfbet if he ever wanted to use the toilet at school. so he asks his mum what the first letter of the alfabet is, his mum who is on the phone at the time yells 'shut up'. Johnny now goes to his brother for the second letter of the alfabet, his brother is watching football and they have just scored, and in response to jonhnnys question he shouts 'yes!!'

For the third letter of the alfabet he asks his dad who is always watching darts. As johnny asks his question, his dad charts out '360, 360, 360!' since thats how many points they have got. For the last letter, he asks his lil brother who was running around his bedroom screaming 'superman!' Johnny takes this as his answer

The next day at school, Johnny needs the toilet and so asks his teacher. The teacher again asks him what the first 4 letters of the alfabet are...and so johnny replys 'shut up!' the teacher rather taken back from his rudness says 'would you like to talk this over with head master??' 'yes!!' now the teacher is ashmed of johnny and approahes johnny calmly 'whats if the head master decides to smack you one, how many times would you want johnny??' '360!, 360!, 360!!' The teacher callenging him shouts 'WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?!?' 'Superman!'


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by Devyn G. 1+ years ago

nice spelling...

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CC6NG_lil johnny needs to pee!

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