Ways to break a date

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1. I'm sorry or maybe not, but I can't go out with you tonight! My girlfriend just got back from College and she is good looking and your not, she's tall and your not. I know this is a poor excuse but I'm going out with her and not you.Good-Bye!

2.I cannot go out with you tonight because I need to start spending more time with my blender.

3.I'm sorry but I can not go out with you due to my deathly reaction to total DUMB ASSES (A.K.A YOU)

4.I'm going out with my girlfriend tonight can you give me a call another time please

5.The worse excuse for dumping someone is too much school work.

6.Him: How about going out on Friday Night? Her: I'm sorry, I'm washing my hair that night. Him: Well, how about Saturday? Her: It has to dry.

7.I would love to go out with you, but I need to ask my fiancé, and I don't think she would like that very much.

8.If you don't want to dance with someone: Say, " I'm sorry but I just got my leg out of a Cast and the doctor told me to stay off of it as much as possible.

9."Sure, I would love to go on a date with you. Let me contact my Parole officer first and see if he will let me."

10.I'm really sorry I can't go out with you tonight, because the Mother Ship only visits once 25 years.


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