Things to do while stuck in a traffic jam

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I actually thought up all of these while stuck in a traffic jam

1. Every couple of minutes switch drivers.(get out of the car to do this.

2. Shout questions at other people. like "do you have any weed."

3. Ask people in other cars how to get to a place that is not even in the same state.

4. Shout at people "IM GOING TO DISNEYLAND"

5. Turn up your music really loud and headbang to it. even if its not headbanger music.

6. Turn up your music, get out of the car and start dancing. ecourage other people to join you.

7. Have a very loud argument with an imaginary person.

8. Get out of the car and have a picnic on the roof of the car.

9. Headbang to no music

10. With the radio on full blast, continually change radio stations. Vary the music style. Change from country to rap to rock to classical etc.

11. If you have a car where the back seat folds down so you can get into the trunk, crawl through the car out the trunk and then get back in the car.

12. Set up a pool in the bed of a truck and swim in it.

13. The first jeep you see, jump in the back and ask where are we going.

14. Attempt to throw stuff into windows of other cars 15. Get out of your car and tap another persons car a say "tag your it."

The fallowing are fun to do if you are on a road trip with with two vehicles

1. If one vehicle is a truck with a camper shell, one person from each vehicle (preferable a guy and a girl) get in the back, wait about 15 minutes, mess up your hair rebutton your shirt the wrong way turn your shirt inside out or backwards jump up and down so the truck bounces. Then you can get out and get back into your vehicles and think about what other people are thinking you did.

2. Toss a football between the two cars.

3. The drivers switch cars. Then a few minutes later switch back.


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by Kristen C. 1+ years ago

when you said "preferably a boy and a girl," i was like "is that a typo" cuz it would be way funnier if it was two people of the same sex.

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CC6AT_Things to do while stuck in a traffic jam

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