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A blonde girl named Christen was taking helicopter lessons and she was actually doing quite well. When it came the day for her final exam she got in her helicopter and asked the instructer what to do.

"Fly 400 ft. in the air and then come back down," her instructer said.

She did as he said and came back down. Then he told her to go 600 ft. up and come back down. Then 800 ft.. ur final test," he said,"I want you to go 1000 ft int he ir and then come back down."

Christen flew higher and higher until she hit the 1000 ft. mark. Then the plane came down down down until it hit the ground. The instructer didn't understand what had happened. Then Christen came out of the remains and although a little beat up looked alright.

"What happened?"The instructer asked.

"It was cold up there,"she replied," so I turned the big fan off."


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