yo mamma jokes

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some of these jokes are old but theyre pretty funny.

yo mammas so fat, she wore a yellow dress and the sun got jelous!

yo mammas so fat, she wore a blue dress outside and everyone yelled "TSUNAMI!!!!"

yo mammas so ugly her reflection quit.

yo mammas so stupid she returned a donut because it had a hole in it.

yo mammas so fat when god sed, "let there be light" he said "MOVE OUTA THE WAY!!"

yo mammas so stupid she put a coin in the parking meter and said "wheres my gum???"

yo mammas so poor wen i stepped on a cigarette she sed "there goes the heater"

yo mammas so poor wen i rode a skateboard i found on the street she sed i stole the family car.

yo mammas so fat she wers a king size matress as a tampon.

yo mammas so fat when she sat on the toilet it sang " A B C D E F G... GET UR FAT SELF OFF OF ME!!!"

yo mammas so stupid when she say an airplane she sed "THE FLYING MEN ARE COMING!!!!!!!"

yo mammas so ugly when she entered an ugly contest they said " sorry, no professionals."

yo mammas so fat bill gates couldnt afford her liposuction.

yo mammas so stupid she watches a piece of paper and thinks thats pay-per-view.

yo mammas so poor she cant even afford to pay attention.


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