Feel the biggest tit in the world!

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A man was walking down the street when he saw a HUGE flashing neon sign advertising ''feel the biggest tit in the world'' so he went through the door below and came into a room.

Sat in there was a woman who said to him ''remove your shirt and go through the next door'' So he took of his shirt and continued through. After this he arrived into another room with anotehr very beautiful woman sat in there at a desk who then said ''remove your trousers and go through the next door'' He thought 'hmmm ok i am going to feel the biggest tit in the world' so he dropped his kecks and went through the door

He continued through a few more doors until he was completely naked by the end. In the final room was an incredibly beautiful woman who said ''go through the next door to feel the biggest tit in the world''.

So he stepped through the door and to his horror found himself in the middle of a supermarket completely naked.

A man walked up to him and said ''now do you feel the biggest tit in the world''?


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CC51C_Feel the biggest tit in the world!

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