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only boyz can have these

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once there wuz a lil boy named jonny and a gurl named jane. one day after skool jonny came by jane's crib wit a football and she say it and she said "can i play wit da ball?" jonny says" "no only boyz can have one" jane goes 2 her momz cryin "ma jonny is mean he wont let me play wit his football and he said they only 4 boyz" da momz replies "dont worry jane ima get u one" so da next day jonny pases by jane's crib on a bike and she showed him da football and she started laffin. so mad jonny says "well, only boyz can have a bike" so jane goes 2 her mom cryin"jonny is mean he says dat only boyz are allowed 2 have bikes" da momz goes"ima get u a bike" so da next day jonnypases by jane's crib again and he sees dat she got a bike and he goes"wow nice bike"she started laffin at him provin him wrong. so pissed jonny takes his dick out and goes "well boyz are da only ones allowed 2 have dickz" sad jane goes 2 her momz and she tell her da story. da next day jonny pass by jane's crib and she pullz up her dress, pullz down her panties and goes "well ma momz said dat wit ma pussy i can have as many dickz as i want"


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: sex, sexuality





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CC4TK_only boyz can have these

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