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One day a blonde walked into a second hand store and asked the man at the counter: "Could I buy the TV in the corner?"

and the man replied: "I'm sorry, we don't sell to blonde's."

So that night she dyed her hair brown and in the morning she went back to the store. Again she asked the man at the counter: "Could I buy the TV in the corner?"

and again the man answered: "I'm sorry, we don't sell to blonde's."

Frustrated and really wanting to watch her soaps she died her hair black and returned the following morning. Their conversation went exactly as it had the past few days so the girl said: "How do you always know that I'm a blonde? I come in every day with my hair a different color and you never sell the TV to me because I'm blonde."

Then the man calmly replied: "Mam, I know you're a blonde very easily. See that TV in the corner, it's a microwave oven."


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