Yo Momma..(part 1)

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Yo Momma so fat she has to pull down her pants to get in her pockets

Yo Momma so fat you have to take a two trains and a bus to get on her good side

Yo Momma so fat she doesn't eat with a fork , she eats with a fork lift

Yo Momma so fat Weight Watchers wont look at her

Yo Momma so fat the last time the land-lord saw her , he doubled the rent

Yo Momma so fat i ran around her twice and got lost

Yo Momma so fat the shadow of her butt weighs 100 pounds

Yo Momma so fat The National Weather Services names each of her farts

Yo Momma so fat when she goes to the Zoo Elephants throw peanuts at her

Yo Momma so fat when she runs the 50 yard dash , she needs an overnight bag


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CC3ZP_Yo Momma..(part 1)

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