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Making Sandwiches

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Marco's parents are going out to dinner for the night, so he will be all alone at his house, except for his little brother Tommy.

Marco decided this is a perfect time to have fun with his girlfriend, so he calls her up and tells her to come over. After the call he tells his brother to go to his room and go to sleep. Tommy does what he's told and a few minutes later his girlfriend arrives. After making out for a few hours they decide to go to home base, but they cant do it in their living room in case his parents come home. So they had to go to Marcos room, which was also Tommys room. Thinking that Tommy was already asleep, they get up on the top bed of the bunk bed and start making intimate love. Since they were afraid Tommy might wake up, they had to make a code for faster and harder.

"Okay," said Marco, "if you want faster say lettuce, and if you want it harder say tomato"

His girlfriend agreed and they had the best sex ever saying "lettuce, tomato, lettuce, lettuce, tomato, tomato, lettuce, tomato" and so on. In the middle of this moment they suddenly hear a little high pitched voice that said, "Can you guys PLEASE stop making sandwiches up their, you're getting mayonaisse ALL over me!"


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categories: men, women, relationships sex, sexuality





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CC2ZO_Making Sandwiches

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