I remember it so well. My mom used to say to me, "Don't do that in public young girl", but I'd never listen. It felt too good to quit! It was like a smoking habit. But worst, I was very young then. Everyone was doing it, So why not me, right? Every kid I knew did it, so I continued and continued. I remember this very special night I was with my boyfriend, laying on the bed as we watched television. Suddenly I felt the urge! He knew it wasn't my first time. He was actually surprised to see my finger in so deep! He questioned, "Doesn't that hurt?". I said, "I'm used to it; pretty loosened now.". "Oh", he said, shocked and disturbed. He sat there watching me finger it with one finger, now two, OHHHHHHHH, I remember the pleasure! It was so wet, so tingly, so sensational! I went in further. It sure was deep! Feeling the tissues loosen, he couldn't get his eyes off me. I didn't care. After all, I am a professional. His eyes got wider as my fingers went deeper. "Are you sure it doesn't hurt?", He asked. I replyed, "No.". I removed my fingers. They were wet, as if my fingers went swimming. Boy, was I pleased! Though he was disgusted, I felt relieved. He dumped me right after that incident. He said he can't date girls who...



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